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Do you ever make Bread Pudding?

We had bread pudding so often growing up I can’t believe I only made it for the first time recently!

Maybe because we rarely get leftover bread but the other day I found a mouldy half loaf that had fallen behind a shelf.

Trimmed of its crust (and mould!) it was usable but the memory of bread pudding just popped in my mind. It's very easy to make, just soak chunks of bread and dried fruit in milk, add a little sugar, beaten egg and melted butter, press into a pan and bake until set.

It was delicious, a lot lighter than I remember (have a feeling my mum may have used lard?). I put in lots of chopped apples, vanilla, lemon and orange zest so it was reminiscent of panettone (though not in texture obviously..)

I've started making it regularly, it's a good solid snack - and with everyone being at home all day it does seem to be about endless requests for snacks!

Have you ever made bread pudding? As it's not technically baking you can get away with approximate quantities and measuring by eye but here's a recipe to get started:


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