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 What Parents Are Saying...

Anna is a fantastic teacher with a wealth of knowledge about supporting families to make constructive food choices and positive attitudes towards eating. Ive found the course so helpful and am really excited about going away and putting things into practice. Anna is really passionate about encouraging people and I am so pleased to have learnt from her.

Laura, children aged 3 and 4 months

I really enjoyed the classes. I actually think they’ve been the most rewarding I’ve ever taken in terms of application to my daily life and making space to think about what my family is eating” 

Cath, children aged 4 and 2


Romilly, children aged 4 and 5 months


Before the course

We were a bit all over the place and not very intentional with food. We didn't always eat together and I ended up planning last minute, I don’t have much confidence and I’m not really a foodie person so producing meals felt like a massive challenge. I felt the pressure to produce and lots and lots of guilt.

My 4 year old can be picky and is hesitant to try new things.

What I've got from the programme

Feeling able to evaluate honestly what we’re doing

Ideas for change, particularly alternative ways to meal plan, exploring the meal time environment and the importance of modelling to my children

What's changed

We are eating together as a family; my husband often ate separately before. We now wait to start eating together and say, “ready, steady, eat” for my 4 year old. He really likes this.

I am meal planning by theme or ingredient and it feels easier and actually happens, I was just improvising before and it felt stressful. I had wanted to plan but hadn’t found a way to do it that worked for me. This has given me some structure.

Making the mealtime a place my son wanted to be and to have a nice time together was a big concept and makes a lot of sense. My son now expects family dinners and accepts that he won’t always know what the meal will be.

My son is trying different foods more. We now have a ‘no thank you’ bowl on the table so he knows he can try a new food without the pressure of having to eat it, as he knows he can put in the bowl if he wants. He is also happier to have variations of the food he likes, such as have mixed seeds on his porridge or with cinnamon or coconut.

I was expecting something about food ideas and recipes but this was so much better! I think it has helped in ways I didn’t realise we needed. I think it helped articulate things I knew deep down but wasn’t able to access.

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