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Apples and Pears Pair!


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Eat Talk Thrive aims to transform, step by step, family food and mealtimes, leading to better family connection. In small groups, we explore the what, how and when of eating habits and behaviours, preparing food and eating better. 

We cover all aspects of what it means to eat well as a family through this structured 5-week programme: 

  • Week 1 - WHEN, timings of meals, grazing and snacking

  • Week 2 - WHERE and HOW we eat, does it make a difference?

  • Week 3 - WHAT is a balanced diet really? Meal planning and ideas

  • Week 4 - FUSSY eating and other CHALLENGES: what can we do?

  • Week 5- PHASES of childhood, the role we parents play - whole course review

The sessions are very informal with a mix of worksheets, quizzes, pair and group discussions.


Each time parents are invited to choose one thing to work on at home, creating small incremental changes.

We also have food tastings to experience different ways to explore food with our children. 

An online version of the course can be arranged for groups of 4+ parents, get in touch for more information.

[It was] brilliant. I’ve found the sessions really helpful and have got lots of practical ideas of positive changes I’d like to make on our family food journey

Laura, children aged 3 and 4 months


From Picky to Curious: Help your child wth extreme selective eating

Based on our Eat Talk Thrive course this 5-week live group course provides a space for parents who are dealing with extreme picky eating or ARFID. Parents will have the opportunity to share their experiences and difficulties and create a plan to tackle these in a gentle and nurturing way. 


Mealtimes are much more than the food we eat! We’ll consider ways to improve the mealtime environment to make it less stressful and a more enjoyable experience for the whole family – in spite of any eating challenges. Then we’ll move on to exploring different ways to support your child widen their food choices and look towards the future. 

“I was worried that my youngest was not eating a varied diet or even willing to try. I wasn’t sure how to help him to overcome sensory difficulties and rigidity in his diet.

I now understand that I do not need to do anything radical but instead make small steps to encourage him to move in the right direction. [I have] a relaxed approach to food and mealtimes that helps to remove the barriers to eating”.


Some parents prefer to work individually to address the specific situation in their family. One-to-one consultations can be arranged at a time to suit you.

We can follow the Eat Talk Thrive course or work on issues that you want to address. Typically parents come to us wanting support with picky eating or ARFID.  

Sessions usually take place online, but in-person sessions are available in Totnes, Devon. 


For parents, we offer single session themed workshops around weaning or picky eating for example. 

For children, we run Cook and Explore or Taste and Explore sessions to encourage positive engagement with food.

Have a look at our events page to see what's coming up or contact us to arrange a workshop for your group or school. 

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